Hi out there. I'm a dedicated father and web developer in Boston. I care deeply about making the web better and I like to punch cows.


The Boston Globe – Responsive front-end development

Working with Filament Group and Ethan Marcotte, we marshaled a large-scale responsive front-end and integrated it into the Globe's in-house CMS. Along the way we've molded and adapted the front-end framework to work in the production environment of one of New England's largest online news sources.


Packed is a boilerplate for my web sites. It consists of Paul Irish's HTML 5 Boilerplate and a few javascript libraries, held together with a front-end cordage that loads assets appropriate to the requesting agent's abilities. The front-end piece also loads user-defined javascripts and stylesheets so they may be packaged and delivered to specific pages.

project on github

JS crossword UI

A javascript crossword puzzle solution

I wrote a jQuery plugin that builds crossword puzzles, complete with a nice ui, that was modified and used for The Boston Globe's online crossword. the Globe chose to deliver the crossword as semantic HTML markup and layer the more advanced user interface on top for enhanced browser environments.

Project on github


I was fortunate to lend a hand in a rebuild of Topps' flagship site Topps.com, which included a complete redesign and hanging it on a new CMS backend.


Working with a group of designers and the client, I helped create a brand new online space for Plugged In Teen Band Program. I collaborated with a team of designers from concept to HTML prototypes, defining how best the charity should communicate its mission. Rounded out the project by putting a little WordPress under the hood.


I'm a front-end developer at The Boston Globe and I occasionally do contract work. This site is an olio of projects and work I've done, as well as a playground for my zany ideas.

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